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PLEASE READ BEFORE COMPLETING!!!  After reading please click 1 Register at the top of the screen to continue. You must register new each year!
 It is your responsibility to read the rules and regulations on the website!
Please use contact information such as email and phone number that can be contacted during the day as this is the time that we may contact you should we have a questions.  We don’t want to contact kids while they are at school.
Please complete the following online entry forms. You must complete one entry per animal that you are entering. Your online entry must be completed and submitted via this website no later than the deadline listed on the website  under each division. Late entries will only be accepted in Breeding Beef and livestock judging with a late fee and must be in no later than date set for each division.  Livestock Judging entries will be accepted until the day of judging.  All entries must be entered online with the exception of Livestock Judging, you may print and send it a check or money order.  Should you have any problems or questions please call the fair office at 936-336-7455.  If you have no access to the internet please get with your Ag advisor, 4-H leader, Extension office or the TVE office and they will be of assistance to you.
If you do not receive a confirmation email after you have completed your entry please contact the office to ensure that your entry has been processed.
 PLEASE NOTE: If you are showing a Commercial heifer, Market Steer, Market Swine, Market Goat, Market Lamb or Market Rabbits  submitting this form does not complete your entry. These animals must be ear-tagged or validated at an official TVE Tag in (either Large Animal Tag in or Small Animal Tag in or date set by livestock chairman corresponding to species). Dates for Tag ins are listed on the website. Animals that have been entered but not tagged or that have been tagged but not entered will be barred from the show.  
If you are entering registered (breeding beef ) animals or are not keeping your animal(s) at your home you are required to turn in supplemental documentation to the office by the deadline.  All in county heifers and steer must submit affadavidt at tag in  to be eligible for in county award- no exceptions
 Please contact the office for more information. All forms are located on the website at www.tvefair.com
Please contact us at 936-336-7455 during regular business hours should you have any issue completing your submission.   We will not take entries at tag in, these must be done by dates listed per each division- NO exceptions.  Clover kids are not elegible.  They must be in 4-H or FFA- No Exceptions
We DO NOT accept American Express as a form of payment!